State issues another medical marijuana recall, this one for chemicals, arsenic, cadmium

Beth LeBlanc
The Detroit News
Marijuana for sale inside a medical marijuana dispensary in Michigan, October 24, 2018.

Products from a Ypsilanti marijuana dispensary have been recalled after failing laboratory testing for contaminants that include metals and chemicals.

The 13 products recalled from Kenzy Consulting Inc., also called The Patient Station, were sold between Nov. 14, 2018, and Jan. 22 and were grown by caregivers.

The Friday medical marijuana recall marks the sixth in a month and the second stemming from a Ypsilanti facility. 

The state has allowed caregiver product to be sold at the licensed facility because of shortages in the market. The allowance will continue through March 31, but testing was only required through January.

Patients buying caregiver product from Friday through March 31 from licensed facilities must sign a release form acknowledging the items are untested.

Most the of the products recalled from The Patient Station, 539 South Huron, failed testing for chemical residue, while others also failed testing for cadmium, arsenic and moisture content.

The following items should be returned to The Patient Station for disposal:

  • Afghan Kush; product no. 1A4050100000899000000873
  • ATF; product no. 1A4050100000899000000006 and 1A4050100000899000000917
  • Chiquita Banana; product no. 1A4050100000899000000871
  • Flo; product no. 1A4050100000899000000863 and 1A4050100000899000000899
  • Gas Monkey; product no. 1A4050100000899000000835
  • Green Crack; product no. 1A4050100000899000000804
  • Gorilla Grip; product no. 1A4050100000899000000874, 1A4050100000899000000906 and 1A4050100000899000000908
  • Kimbo Kush; product no. 1A4050100000899000000875, 1A4050100000899000000934 and 1A4050100000899000000934
  • Querkle; product no. 1A4050100000899000000870 and 1A4050100000899000000939
  • Sugar Black Rose; product no. 1A4050100000899000000876 and 1A4050100000899000000916
  • Sunset Bubba Kush; product no. 1A4050100000899000000867
  • Sunset Sherbet; product no. 1A4050100000899000000867
  • Wonderdog; product no. 1A4050100000899000000872 and 1A4050100000899000000942

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