The Mackinac Bridge is closed to all vehicles except passenger cars, passenger vans, and empty pickup trucks due to high winds.

Winds are blowing across the bridge surface in excess of 50 miles per hour, according to the Mackinac Bridge Authority website.

Sunday morning the bridge was closed to all traffic due to ice falling from the "cables and towers" of the bridge between Michigan's lower and upper peninsulas. 

The authority said bridge personnel are stationed at both ends of the structure to provide instructions. It is advising motorists to reduce their speed to 20 mph as they approach the bridge and be prepared to stop.

Mackinac Bridge Authority staff monitor weather conditions but never close the bridge based solely on weather forecasts, officials said.

“Since 1995, (as far back as records are kept) the Mackinac Bridge has closed 100 times: 53 for high wind; 12 times for visibility; 21 times for falling ice; 14 for other (maintenance, events, vehicle crashes,)” said Bob Sweeney, spokesman for the Michigan Department of Transportation.

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