Michigan man faces charge after over 60 dogs removed

Associated Press

Blanchard – Authorities say a man is facing an animal cruelty charge after about 60 dogs were removed from a mid-Michigan property.

The Isabella County prosecutor’s office says animal control officials were tipped off about the dogs and 41-year-old Levi Yoder of Blanchard was arraigned this week on a charge of abandoning/cruelty to animals.

Yoder’s lawyer Tom Weiss says the dogs were in a heated pole barn in an Amish community and they believe the dogs were in good health and treated well.

Prosecutors say the dogs lived in unsanitary conditions at the property about 125 miles (201 kilometers) northwest of Detroit. They say some were kept in small crates and covered with feces and urine.

The Humane Animal Treatment Society announced last week that many dogs were brought to the Isabella County Animal Shelter. They’re being cleared for adoption.