Shoppers in two Michigan malls are being reminded to keep their pets indoors in freezing temperatures.

Advertisements urging pet owners to unchain their pets and bring them inside in cold weather to avoid frostbite or death features rapper Eve at Oakland Mall in Troy and Green Oak Village Place in Brighton, PETA officials announced Wednesday.

The ads are part of the group's ongoing national campaign.

So far this winter, at least 27 weather-related animals deaths have been reported, compared to 50 last year, PETA said. The 2018 figures included two in Detroit, according to the group, which has advocated for anti-chaining legislation across the country. 

"The number of animals who freeze to death each winter on a chain or in a barren doghouse is tragic, and these deaths are utterly preventable," PETA Vice President Colleen O'Brien said. "PETA's ads urge people to bring dogs indoors, where they're safe and warm, and not to abandon them outdoors to fend for themselves through Michigan's bitter winters."

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