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Spartan Nation faces disappointment after Michigan State fell to Texas Tech 61-51. 

During the final moments as Spartans failed to reach the rim, fans looked for more in their team. 

"MSU kept their composure through the whole thing, but Texas Tech defense was just too good, " said Ali Bazzi, MSU medical student from Dearborn who watched the game with more than a hundred others at Mangos Cafe. "It's sad. I thought the championship was theirs. They are the best team in the Final Four and to beat Duke... it's a shame. They had a good run."

MSU issued a notice to students on campus warning against any destructive gatherings and igniting fires at the end of the game. Anyone within 300 feet of an open fire that is not actively leaving the area will face a misdemeanor charge punishable up to 90 days in jail and a $500 fine, police said.

  • Do not attend large gatherings that block the street or sidewalks.
  • Do not start, stoke, or fuel any type of fires.
  • Do not be a bystander. If someone you know is about to do something dumb, stop them.
  • Cooperate with police.

The night started with so much promise.

In Royal Oak, MSU sports bars like Hamlin Corner on South Main Street were packed with fans geared up in green and white watching with excitement as the team sought entry to its first championship game in a decade. 

Cortney Daniels, a 2007 MSU alum, thought "this is our year."

“I had MSU going all the way in my bracket and loosing to UNC and I’m really kicking myself on that,” said Daniels, 36, from Romulus. “I felt like we couldn’t beat Duke but now that we did, we can go all the way.” 

Dan Carravallah from Livonia said he was too nervous to think about possible outcomes. 

“I always have a bracket with MSU winning because I’m too loyal not to have them winning,” said Carravallah, 34, a 2011 MSU graduate. “People believe MSU can win because they’ve fought worse. It really doesn’t get much worse than Duke.”

At the start of the game, Spartan fans cheered as their team made their entrance onto the court. Singing the fight song. "Go Green! Go White!" could be heard far outside the bar. 

Other fans shared some love via social media:

Dianne Byrum, Chair of MSU's Board of Trustees, posted photos of her road trip.

And around the country.




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