Michigan officials to take comments on deer rule changes

Associated Press
In this April 19, 2012, file photo, deer walk in a field near Bismarck, N.D.

Lansing – Michigan residents will have several opportunities to sound off about proposed changes in deer regulations.

The state Natural Resources Commission plans to vote on the revisions in July. The seven-member commission is appointed by the governor to regulate taking of game and sport fish.

Among the recommendations are a baiting and feeding ban for the Core Chronic Wasting Disease Surveillance Area in the Upper Peninsula; a moderate increase in U.P. antlerless deer licenses; redefining bait to exclude natural or synthetic food-scented materials not consumed by deer; and moving the Liberty Hunt to the second weekend in September to prevent conflicts between hound bear hunters and youth deer hunters.

Officials will take comments at a series of forums between May 9 and July 11. Comments also can be emailed to nrc@michigan.gov.