County agrees to settle lawsuit against its former auditor

Associated Press

Stanton – A central Michigan county has agreed to settle a lawsuit against its former auditor.

The Daily News of Greenville reports Montcalm County’s legal fees will be recovered, but the county still is responsible for related costs that already were paid.

The Montcalm County Board of Commissioners voted last year to sue Abraham & Gaffney, alleging breach of contract regarding oversight of county finances. The lawsuit came after a report revealed the county spent nearly $9 million over several years on services it couldn’t afford.

Montcalm County Controller-Administrator Bob Clingenpeel says the lawsuit is being settled “on terms mutually agreeable to all parties” and Abraham & Gaffney will pay Montcalm County $650,000.

Abraham & Gaffney’s attorney C. David Miller says a retired judge oversaw the mediation, which led to the settlement.