Appeals court won’t revisit parking ticket tire case

Associated Press
Saginaw’s policy of chalking tires to enforce parking restrictions has been declared unconstitutional.

Saginaw – A federal court won’t reopen a dispute about whether a Michigan city violates the U.S. Constitution by marking tires to enforce parking rules.

In April, a three-judge panel at the 6th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals said chalking tires qualifies as a search of property and could be illegal without a warrant. Saginaw responded by asking the full court to set aside the decision and start over.

But the court said Tuesday there’s no interest among the judges. The case now will return to a federal judge in Bay City for more work. Separately, lawsuits have been filed against other Michigan cities.

Opinions from the 6th Circuit set law in Michigan and three other states. But Saginaw says there’s been a national impact with many U.S. cities changing parking enforcement because of the decision.