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Ex-con gets life for retired prof’s murder; ‘I didn’t do’ it

Associated Press

Ann Arbor – An ex-convict convicted of killing a retired University of Michigan professor has been sentenced to life in prison after declaring his innocence.

Robert Sharp was found dead Monday in the basement of his house. He was 76 years old and had retired from UM in 2008

The no-parole sentence for Isom Hamilton was mandatory Friday. Robert Sharp, a former chemistry professor, was repeatedly stabbed at his Ann Arbor home a year ago. His body was burned after he was killed.

Hamilton told Sharp’s family that he’s sorry for their loss. But he insists, “I didn’t do none of this.”

Hamilton’s DNA and fingerprints weren’t found at the scene, a key point made by defense lawyers. But prosecutors claim he simply covered his tracks.

The 76-year-old Sharp regularly ate lunch at an Ann Arbor Wendy’s where Hamilton worked. His missing electronics were found in Hamilton’s possession.

Sharp’s son, David, says he wonders if Hamilton is “haunted by the horror” in his father’s eyes when he died.