Port Huron train derailment could back up commerce for days

Payne Lubbers
The Detroit News
Workers discuss clean-up efforts in the Port Huron train tunnel.

 A train derailment in the St. Clair Tunnel could take days to repair, according to officials from the Port Huron Fire Department. 

The derailment occurred just before 6 a.m. Friday morning, Port Huron Fire Department Chief Corey Nicholson said.

Nicholson said approximately 40 cars are off the track in the middle of the tunnel. Because of the number of cars and significant damage to the rail tracks, it could take several days to have the tunnel functioning again. 

Officials said there were no injuries in the accident and there is no threat to public safety in the surrounding area. Since the derailment occurred inside the tunnel, U.S. and Canadian officials will work jointly on the clean-up and investigation. 

The train was heading to the United States from Canada. The cause of the derailment is currently unknown. More information will be available as clean-up continues.  

The St. Clair Tunnel runs below the St. Clair River and connects Sarnia, Ontario, to Port Huron, Michigan. The tunnel is operated by Canadian National, one of Canada's largest rail transport companies. Trains are being rerouted through a crossing in Detroit.