Police: Kalamazoo mom who drove girls into river tried poison first

Associated Press

Kalamazoo – Authorities say a Michigan woman killed herself and twin daughters by driving into a river after trying to poison the children.

An undated photo of Ineza McClinton and her twin daughters Faith and Angel via Facebook.

Kalamazoo police released reports saying 44-year-old Ineza McClinton tried to make 9-year-old twins, Angel and Faith, drink juice with added antifreeze in the spring. McClinton’s mother told investigators about the plan, which included Ineza McClinton’s attempt to die by overdosing on pills.

'Why would someone do this?': Mom's, twins' river deaths stun Kalamazoo

Relatives told police they intervened in McClinton’s suicide attempt and discovered her unsuccessful effort to poison the girls.

Police say information about the attempted poisoning wasn’t reported to officers in Grand Rapids, where McClinton and her daughters lived.

Police remove a black sedan from the Kalamazoo River near Verburg Park, Tuesday morning, June 18, 2019.

McClinton drove into the Kalamazoo River on June 17 after letting out two granddaughters. Relatives say she sought help for depression and took prescription drugs for mental illnesses.