Former MSU provost has resigned from post but not yet left the university

Kim Kozlowski
The Detroit News

East Lansing — Former Michigan State University Provost June Youatt resigned from her leadership position this week in connection with the Larry Nassar sex abuse scandal — but she has not yet left the university, The Detroit News has learned.

Youatt is a tenured faculty member, MSU spokeswoman Emily Guerrant said Friday.

June Youatt resigned as provost at Michigan State University.

Her 2014 contract, provided to The Detroit News, addresses her return to the faculty after her duties as provost. It says that prior to her returning to faculty duties, she will be given a "six-month research leave and six-month sabbatical leave (both at full pay) ..."

Asked if Youatt will stay on at the university in another capacity, MSU President Samuel Stanley said that is not clear.

"We haven't had that conversation yet in terms of what her future plans are," Stanley said.

Youatt's current salary is $480,000, Guerrant said. Her contract set her annual pay at $370,000, with eligibility for annual merit increases. 

Youatt stepped down from her post Thursday in the wake of an investigation by the U.S. Department of Education over the university's handling of Larry Nassar and sexual abuse cases on campus and a record $4.5 million fine.

Youatt herself said in April that she first learned of a 2014 complaint against Nassar during a meeting with William Strampel, the former dean of MSU's College of Osteopathic Medicine. Youatt didn’t follow up on Nassar, she said, because she assumed negative findings “would be reported to me.”

Strampel is now serving jail time for harassing female students and failing to properly oversee Nassar — behavior Youatt has been criticized for not properly handling.

Stanley declined to address whether he had asked her to leave.

"We had a conversation based on the report," Stanley said. "I read the report, brought her in and she tendered her resignation."

Anna Pegler-Gordon, a professor in MSU's James Madison College and member of the activist group Reclaim MSU, said it would be appropriate if Youatt left the university.

"Because of the failings of the upper administration, many more women got abused than should have been abused," Pegler-Gordon said. "She should not stay on."