Creator of 'Detroit vs Everybody' releases 'Detroit vs The Refs' hoodie for limited time

Evan James Carter
The Detroit News

If you're a Detroit Lions fan, hating the referees is as natural as Thanksgiving tailgating and not going to the Super Bowl.

Tommey Walker, the creator of the "Detroit Vs Everybody" brand is selling a “Detroit Vs The Refs” hooded sweatshirt
for a limited time

After a 23-22 last-minute loss to the Green Bay Packers in Monday night football, Lions fans may have legitimate reasons to hate the refs

Enter Tommey Walker, creator of the "Detroit Vs Everybody" brand.

On Tuesday, he announced a limited release of a hoodie reading "Detroit Vs The Refs."

"You asked for it and we delivered," Walker wrote on his Instagram. "'Detroit Vs The Refs' hooded sweatshirt now available on for 3 days and 13 hours only."

On Monday night, the Lions lost 23-22 to the Green Bay Packers on a 23-yard field goal in the final seconds of the game. Numerous fans and sports commentators voiced opinions that the Lions were jobbed over some questionable calls, namely against Lions pass rusher Trey Flowers and safety Tracy Walker.

Tommey Walker said by phone Tuesday he created the hoodie after customers asked for it as well as to document the moment in Detroit after discussions about the calls against Flowers and Walker "set the city on fire."

Tommey Walker, who created the "Detroit Vs Everybody" brand, announced a limited release of a hoodie reading "Detroit Vs The Refs" on his Instagram account Tuesday.

"It's a topic of very heated discussion in the heart of Detroit Culture at this moment," Walker said. "I'm not stating my personal views, this is me creating just based on what's happening in the culture of Detroit."

"Anything that has a huge response in Detroit culture, I like to commemorate that moment."

Walker said he only wanted to release the hoodies for 3 days and 13 hours (313, the city's area code) because he is "documenting a snapshot of Detroit culture" and he wants to commemorate discussions people in Detroit are having at that moment in time.

The "Detroit Vs The Refs" hoodies are $59.99.

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