Flint Mayor Karen Weaver lost her bid for a second term Tuesday in her bid for re-election against state Rep. Sheldon Neeley.

Neeley received 50.5% of the vote to 48.4% for Weaver, according to unofficial final results.

Weaver, who has been mayor since November 2015, has spent much of her time in office dealing with the aftermath of Flint's 2014 switch to the Flint River for its water supply, which resulted in lead contamination.

In a statement, the director of the Color Of Change PAC, which is "focused on building independent Black political power," hailed Neeley's victory.

“Today, the people of Flint sent a decisive message by electing Sheldon Neeley as their next mayor," said Arisha Hatch. "To all of the elected officials, government agencies, and private interests that allowed the water of the city to be tainted, the people of Flint said enough is enough."

Neeley, who is serving his third term in the legislature, previously served nine years as a member of Flint City Council. Weaver narrowly finished ahead of him in the August primary.

The two disagreed over the June decision by state Attorney General Dana Nessel's office to drop criminal charges filed against eight people, including some former state officials, in connection with the water crisis.

Neeley took a more critical stance, saying: "My city is losing faith in our government, and that distrust was justified today when it once again failed them so miserably. How many insults will the people of Flint have to suffer before our pain is taken seriously?" 

Weaver was more supportive, saying in a statement, "I am happy to see that this case is being handled with the seriousness and dogged determination that it should have been handled with from the beginning."

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