RTA launches online forum for public transportation riders

Shawn D. Lewis
The Detroit News

Detroit — The Regional Transit Authority of Southeast Michigan is launching a format that will allow riders to share their experiences with public transportation.

They want to hear brief, positive stories about taking the buses and the QLine.

The QLine streetcar system opened in May 2017 in Detroit.

The RTA then will compile all the stories into a new online forum, the Transit Diaries.

“The idea is to connect a bridge between transit riders and the community as a whole,” says Mario Morrow, Jr., an associate at Mario Morrow & Associates, LLC.  “Once they submit their stories, they will go through a vetting process to ensure their validity, and then will be uploaded to the RTA website.”

Morrow compared this new launch to the “Metropolitan Diary” section in the New York Times, where writers send in very brief snippets of their ordinary lives, and each begins with “Dear Diary.”

“The idea came up in a planning meeting where we were trying to find innovative ways to connect people who ride, those who don’t and those who could become potential riders,” he said.

He continued, “People want that option to be there if needed, and they want to feel comfortable using public transportation,” he said.

Stories can be sent to rtatransitdiaries@gmail.com.