Michigan easing permit process to fight lakeshore erosion

The Associated Press

Manistee – State regulators say they want to make it easier for lakeshore property owners to get permits to temporarily fix the effects of high water, especially along Lake Michigan.

The permit fee is being reduced to $100, and a public notice in most cases won’t be required. The goal is to stabilize eroding shore with sandbags, although the bags must eventually be removed.

Significant Lake Michigan erosion threatens properties along Lakeshore Avenue in Park Township, Michigan, on Friday, Oct. 25, 2019.

In southwestern Michigan, Berrien County commissioner Ezra Scott says the lakeshore should be declared a national disaster.

The Michigan Department of Environment says it has issued more than 100 shoreline protection permits since Oct. 1. The agency says it’s expediting permits if there’s a threat to homes, health and safety.

A website has been created to advise property owners at www.Michigan.gov/HighWater.