Lansing — Jesse Fravala of Drummond Island dreamed of winning the lottery.

He didn't know, though, that his nighttime musings might work.

On Monday, Fravala walked away with $500,000 in Michigan's Wild Time lottery game. 

"It was almost like fortune telling," Fravala said in a telephone interview Tuesday. "It was kinda weird, but it happened."

He said in his dream, he was in Wazz's Party Plus at a gas station on Drummond Island in Chippewa County in the Upper Peninsula. He said there wasn't much detail in the dream but he knew he was in the gas station and that he knew he won the $500,000 prize.

He said he first had the dream about a year ago; the most recent was two months ago. 

Fravala used some of the money he won from a slot machine at Northwood Restaurant and Bar where he works as bartender, and, after urging from his girlfriend, he bought five Wild Time lottery tickets.

He didn't win anything with the first four tickets and wasn't expecting a win with the fifth, he said.When he scratched off the final ticket and won, he didn't believe his luck.

"18 was the number, and I matched 18 and I won $500,000," Fravala said.

Fravala said he'll buy a car and invest the rest of his winnings. He also plans to continue his job as a bartender and playing the lottery, though he'll try a different game.

"I just find it fun to see if you win," he said.

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