The region will close out the year with one of the warmest Christmases on record, but typical wintry temperatures are expected to return for the New Year. 

With an anticipated high of 54 degrees, Christmas Day is about 20 degrees above average, without snow, and among the top 10 warmest, according to National Weather Service Meteorologist Mike Richter said. 

But the mild stretch will run out by New Year's Day, when temperatures will dip to 38 degrees, he said. 

"Things get back to normal around Monday. We'll be back in the 30s," Richter said. "Probably temperatures will be more typical of average by the time you get to the New Year's holiday." 

For Christmas Day, a record of 64 degrees was set in 1982, and the normal high is 34 degrees, Richter said. 

Thursday is expected to be around 53 degrees and Friday will be 48 degrees. Both Saturday and Sunday, he said, will remain mild at 46 degrees, with a chance of rain in the forecast to close out Sunday. 

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