Fat cat with New Year's resolution to lose weight seeks new home

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News

An unusually large cat is seeking a new home after being surrendered to the Michigan Humane Society earlier this month, officials say.

Zack, a domestic short-hair cat, was given up to caretakers at the shelter in Howell due to overcrowding in his previous home.

At 12 years old, Zack weighs 30.63 pounds and is looking for an owner to help him shed the weight.

Zack weighs more than 30 pounds and is 12 years old.

"He is just a friendly kitty-cat, according to all his reports," said Anna Chrisman, spokeswoman for the Humane Society. "He enjoys being petted and have his ears scratched."

The ideal family would have to monitor Zack's weight and follow a new diet and routine.

"Zack is severely overweight and needs to be about half the size he currently is," she said. "He needs a diet prescription from a veterinarian and needs to be monitored over a long basis."

Zack did well previously living with dogs, cats and children, but officials say he would prefer a home without as many animals. He also has difficulty grooming himself due to his weight and is sensitive to having his tail touched. 

"Grooming is a part of who they are as cats and once he loses the weight, he should be able to keep his coat neat and shiny," Chrisman said. "Sensitivity in older cats is not unusual and the best home would probably be with children who are old enough to understand appropriate behavior.

Zack was surrendered at the Humane Society in December and is looking for a new home.

"Things we're concerned about with an overweight cat is the same thing we're concerned about with overweight people," Chrisman said. "It can lead to a lot of health problems so we need someone who can help Zack lose the weight and keep it off."

The adoption fee for Zack is $50. He is microchipped, neutered and can be visited at the shelter located at 2464 Dorr in Howell.


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