'Like Hitler:' Flint councilman insults council president, does Nazi salute

The Detroit News

A Flint councilman referred to the council president as "Hitler" and gave a Nazi salute during a contentious meeting Tuesday.

Councilman Eric Mays and President Monica Galloway had been clashing at various points when, 3 ½ hours in, the arguments came to a head. 

When Galloway tried to end a portion of the meeting, Mays talked over her. 

“President Galloway, point of information: Did you have to be rude to me?" he asked. 

She responded, “I’m not trying to.”

“Well then you shouldn’t have, I was wrapping it up,” he continued. “You ain’t got to be like Hitler. You sound like it from where I sat, like Hitler, what you want me to do." 

Then he gave a Nazi salute.

City councilman and finance chair Eric Mays

When Galloway said Mays could be rude and out of order too, Mays responded: “Not when I say point of information and I said that.”

“What is your point of information?” she asked. He answered: “Do you want me to communicate with you like Hitler?”

She paused and then moved on to the presentation of minutes.

The seven-hour meeting was marked by failed attempts to remove Mays by suspending rules governing leadership.

Mays and Galloway did not respond to requests for comments on Wednesday night.