Available to highest bidder: Trump-autographed impeachment articles from Mich.

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News

President Donald Trump's autograph is heading to the auction block on Monday, and it's expected to sell for thousands because of the paper it's signed on.

During Trump's rally on Dec. 18 in Battle Creek, the president reportedly signed a paper handed to him by a member of the crowd. 

Donald Trump signed a set of impeachment documents from the House Judiciary Committee on the day of his impeachment.

That signature, it turns out, was scrawled on a copy of the House of Representatives' impeachment document.

Jonathan Moore, who snagged the autograph, printed out the two articles of impeachment the day before the House voted with the intention of getting them signed by Trump, auctioneers said.

While the president was hosting the rally in Battle Creek, the House was debating the articles of impeachment and the president was formally impeached during that campaign speech.

Moore states in a letter of provenance signed on Dec. 30 that he "asked (Trump) to sign the Articles of Impeachment that I handed him, and he happily complied."

President Donald Trump at a Dec. 18 campaign rally at Kellogg Arena in Battle Creek on the same day he was impeached by the U.S. House of Representatives.

It's expected to hit the auction block via Goldin Auctions at midnight on Monday with a starting bid of $4,000; however, officials anticipate it will go for much more.

"We think something like this blows everything and anything completely out of the water," Ken Goldin, founder of Goldin Auctions, told The Detroit News on Friday. "To me, if it bombs, maybe it'll go for $15,000. I'm expecting it to be at least $25,000, and if the right people go after it, $25,000 could be cheap."

The auction will close on Feb. 22 along with 1,500 items that'll be on the Goldin Auctions lot, including a Trump-autographed Oath of Office dated Jan. 20, 2017, on White House stationery.

The first count of the articles of impeachment, Abuse of Power, passed the House along mostly party lines 230-197. The second count — Obstruction of Congress – also yielded another party-line vote of 229-198.

Goldin said he received a call from the seller before the rally occurred.

"He ... thought he could get it," Goldin said of the signature. "I thought it would be a very newsworthy and historic item. I was sent a picture of it the day of the impeachment, and I can guarantee you one thing, this is the only one that was signed the day he was impeached."

Moore's piece of history was obtained by Goldin Auctions in January through a third-party.

Auctioneers said they received the documents from the third-party, did not have further contact with Moore, and could not release further details on him due to a confidentiality agreement.

Les Gold, founder of American Jewelry and Loan and known for the TV show "Hardcore Pawn," said auctioneers are underestimating its worth.

"This is going to be a very expensive document," Gold said. "Trump's signature goes anywhere from $500 to $5,000 signed-White House hat. There are only a few things that are very expensive like a rare signed document to his parents is going for at least $20,000.

"For a president to sign his own impeachment, on the day of, at least $100,000 to $500,000, without a doubt."

The notoriety of Trump is expected to bring in many bids alone, but there are collectors who simply love one-of-a-kind items, Gold said.

"We've seen plenty of documents by presidents, but never anything like that," he said. "It's relatively inexpensive for signatures, but people love unique documents because there's only one. This is strictly for people who have lots of money who want to frame it to say they have it and we see a lot of those people in Michigan."

Letter of Authenticity from Beckett

A notarized letter accompanies the thick packet. Trump signed the title page of the document in bold black marker.

The signed document has been authenticated by Beckett Authentication and PSA/DNA for Trump’s signature, auction officials said.

The auction company has sold plenty of Trump-autographed items in the past, including several signed copies of Playboy magazine. In August, it sold a signed misprint of a Nov. 8, 2016, copy of Newsweek Magazine with "Madam President" Hillary Clinton. The magazine sold for $5,500, Goldin said.

"We're known for our sports memorabilia, but these items with national significance, it transcends," he said.


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