Officials denounce racist posts by Saline High students

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News

Saline Area Schools officials are denouncing racist comments posted online this week by high school students, the district's superintendent said.

In a letter to parents Monday, Superintendent Scot Graden said the incident was brought to the district's attention that students were posting offensive and derogatory terms about African Americans on social media.

Saline Area School Board members listens as students and parents voice their concerns in regards to racist Snapchat messages sent by Saline High School students during a Saline School board meeting.

"Administrators at Saline High School conducted a thorough investigation of the situation and determined that the incident represents an act of racism that created harm to all of our students, especially students of color," Graden said in the letter. "Hate, prejudice, and racism have no place in our schools or our community."

While it's unclear what the posts said, Graden described them as "deplorable." 

He said the board of education will take the issue seriously and strive for a welcoming, inclusive, and safe environment for all students.

Karamba Kaba talks about his experience during a Saline School board meeting Tuesday Jan. 28, 2020.

Graden did not disclose how the students behind the comments are being disciplined. He said the school will work with those who created the harm and those who were harmed to "repair the damage."

"We recognize that harm has been done to students of color in Saline who saw the post," Graden said. "Additional efforts must be made to repair the damage from this situation."

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