A man was killed in an officer-involved shooting in Saginaw after police said he stabbed a K-9 officer in the head Sunday during a hostage situation, according to the Saginaw Police Department.

Officers were called Sunday morning to the 600 block of Sheridan about "neighbor trouble which eventually evolved into a domestic situation then evolved into a hostage situation," said police Chief Robert Ruth.

About 15 to 20 minutes into the call, officers rescued a male hostage from the home, after which Deebo was injured inside the house. Officers then fired upon a 48-year-old suspect, who was killed, said Ruth.

The chief said Deebo, one of five canines with the department, was "protecting the officers" when he was injured. Ruth called him one of the family.

Deebo, a German Shepherd trained in tracking and sniffing out narcotics, was taken to a local veterinary hospital, Ruth said. He called for "thoughts and prayers" for the canine.

"I think he's going to be OK, but you never know in these situations ...," said Ruth.

The Saginaw Valley Police Canine Association wrote in a Facebook post that Deebo was "injured in the line of duty." 

"You never really know just how many people these K9 teams reach until something like this happens," part of the post said. "The stories people have shared about how they met Deebo, how the kids immediately recognize him, how he has become someone’s favorite K9, and on and on. He has touched so many lives."

The K9s of Valor Foundation also posted a tweet that said Deebo, the K-9, was being treated for a stab wound to the head after the canine "helped save a (domestic violence) victim who was being held hostage" Sunday morning.

More than $4,500 had been raised by early Monday for his medical needs.

Also Monday, the K9 Deebo Facebook page said in a post that the canine cop was back home.

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