A card, not a honk: Bus driver reaches out to her students

Associated Press

Rogers City – A school bus driver in the northern Lower Peninsula who misses her students during the stay-home order is letting the kids know by sending dozens of cards.

Sally Delke, a driver in the Rogers City district, said she values the friendships as the coronavirus keeps her separated from students.

“It’s something where they learn to trust you, and you learn to trust them, also,” Delke told The Alpena News. “You really become a lot of their life, because you’re the first face they see in the morning as far as school personnel, and sometimes you’re the last face they see.”

Delke said she has sent roughly 90 cards to students. Some who have been touched have written back.

“I’ve had a couple of the middle school girls, which by the time we get back to school, will be in high school, and I’ve had some elementary kids write me back, too,” she said.

A son and daughter are Rogers City graduates.

“I want to see these kids succeed,” Delke said of her riders.