Four workers injured in partial building collapse in Traverse City

Sarah Rahal
The Detroit News

Four people were injured Tuesday morning in a partial building collapse in downtown Traverse City, police said.

Of the four workers, one was seriously injured in the construction incident at the site of a four-story building on East Front, Traverse City Police said.

The workers were on site of the new Honor Bank building development when the collapse occurred around 9 a.m. 

Traverse City Fire Department Chief Jim Tuller said one worker was buried in debris up to his waist and suffered significant lower-body injuries.

Fearing a second nearby elevator tower, which was damaged in the incident, would come down, emergency responders removed the workers from the scene in 10 minutes and they were taken to Munson Medical Center, police said.

It's not immediately known what caused the collapse and city engineers are investigating.

Portions of East Front between Boardman and Wellington in Traverse City will remain closed during the investigation.

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