Michigan COVID-19 numbers continue to dwindle

Ariana Taylor
The Detroit News

Michigan's daily coronavirus numbers continue to dwindle, even while adding probable cases and deaths as the state reported 121 new cases and just four more new deaths Sunday. 

In total, Michigan is reporting 58,870 confirmed cases and 5,656 confirmed deaths due to COVID-19. Sunday's death toll is the lowest daily count the state has seen since March 19, when the state reported five deaths.

Detroit still has the highest coronavirus numbers in the state with 11,566 cases and 1,481 deaths, including 370 probable cases and 83 probable deaths.

Besides the probable ones, Detroit did not add any new confirmed cases or deaths, according to the Michigan coronavirus site. 

“Although the latest numbers are encouraging, weekly reported deaths based on actual date of death is a more accurate indication of trends," Detroit Chief Public Health Officer Denise Fair said in a statement. "This data remains fluid as the State, local hospitals and other health care providers continue reviewing and updating death records fully attributable to COVID-19."

Wayne County only reported two confirmed cases on Sunday without any new deaths. Michigan's statewide case fatality rate is at a low 9.6%, as Gov. Gretchen Whitmer continues to lift restrictions.

Since Friday, the state has began to add probable cases and deaths to the total numbers. On Sunday, the state reported 5,543 probable cases and 239 probable deaths, which was one more death than Saturday's numbers. With the total numbers including the probable tallies, Michigan reported 64,413 cases and 5,895 deaths.

Adding probable deaths to the official tally allows for a more accurate number since testing for the disease COVID-19 has been limited, and the official count in Michigan has so far only included deaths where the individual tested positive for the virus, public heath experts say. 

Probable deaths include people who never tested positive for COVID-19 but were suspected to have died from the virus. Probable cases include individuals without a COVID-positive diagnostic lab test who were presumed to be infected due to their symptoms and an epidemiological link.