Michigan Treasury warns residents of text message phishing scam

Ariana Taylor
The Detroit News

The Michigan Department of Treasury is warning residents about a text message scam going around. 

The Treasury Department has received reports over the last week about text messages being sent out to Michiganians that falsely alerts people about unclaimed property they can  collect. 

The text message directs them to click on a link to claim their property. The Treasury said the messages resemble a phishing scam and people should ignore and delete the text. 

“Please do not interact with or respond to these texts,” deputy state treasurer Ann Good said in a news release. “These messages are not affiliated with the state Treasury Department and could be a scam. If you have questions about unclaimed property, visit our website or contact us directly.”

Michigan's Department of Treasury holds "millions of dollars" in lost or forgotten assets, including uncashed checks, dormant bank accounts, valuables left in safe deposit boxes and stock certificates. 

If properties are determined to be unclaimed by the bank or company in possession, they are required by law to hand over them over to the state. 

According to department, more than $400 million has been paid to people claiming property in the last five years.