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Whitmer family decides two dogs are better than one

The Detroit News

Move over, big dog 'cause the little dog's moving in.

As of this week, Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's pet Kevin has to share his status as Michigan's first dog with a smaller canine. The new dog in the governor's household, Doug, made his debut Monday on Whitmer's Twitter account for her pooches, @MiFirstDogs.

Doug, left, joined Kevin this week in Gov. Gretchen Whitmer's household.

Kevin introduced his fellow canine in a tweet that read: HUMANS!!! over the. weekend. i got a. BEST FREN!!! he lives! in my house!! 4EVER!!!! he is a. SMOL DOG!!! and his name!!!! is DOUG!!!!!!!!!!! i. love him. 

Doug spoke up for himself Wednesday through the account, referring to an issue with his new housemate: *ahem* pls, allow us! to introduce ourselves!!!!!!! i am. the smol dog! my name!! is DOUG!!!!!!! the large dog! is KEVIN! he doesn’t. share his toys we love naps! and playing!! and our human!!!!!!!!

Whitmer and her family adopted Kevin last August.