Glitch locks up to 9,000 Michigan Lottery players out of accounts

Beth LeBlanc
The Detroit News

Up to 9,000 online lottery players may be locked out of their accounts after they were asked by the state of Michigan to change their passwords. 

Roughly 47,000 of the state's more than 1 million online lottery players were asked to reset their passwords Tuesday as part of an update for the Michigan Lottery site, said Jake Harris, a spokesman for the Michigan Lottery. 

About 8,100 people were able to change their password, 9,000 started but haven't completed the process and the remaining accounts have not yet attempted to change their passwords. 

Michigan Lottery logo

Those who are having trouble with their accounts are among the 9,000, but it's not clear whether all 9,000 are having problems, Harris said. 

"Unfortunately, that reset did not go as smoothly as hoped," he said, but noted people locked out of their accounts could still buy tickets in stores.

The number of people calling the state about account problems are causing delays in the Michigan Lottery's phone system as well, Harris said.

The state does not believe the issue is the product of any sort of cyber attack. Usually, the state does substantial testing before an update is implemented, Harris said. In this case, the testing showed none of the password reset delays experienced by many players. 

"Our team is working very diligently on investigating a root cause and getting a solution in place," Harris said. 

The Michigan Lottery will be posting updates on its website and social media accounts as account access is restored.