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Snyder's Biden endorsement spurs Trump tweet about 'failed former governor'

The Detroit News

President Donald Trump took aim at former Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder on Wednesday night for his endorsement of Joe Biden, calling him on Twitter the state's "failed former governor." 

Snyder said last week that he planned to vote for the Democratic presidential nominee in the November election and that he hoped to persuade some Michigan Republican moderates to do the same. 

Rick Snyder

Trump tweeted Wednesday night: "The failed former Governor of Michigan, RINO Rick Snyder, who was responsible for the Flint Water Disaster (and I let him know it!), is now endorsing Sleepy Joe Biden, who doesn’t have a clue! Snyder, whose political career was ruined by Flint, hurt a lot of people in Michigan"

RINO is short for Republican In Name Only. 

Trump followed up with a second tweet: "I’ll take the Endorsement of Law Enforcement all over the Country, and Joe can have the RINO’S. This Snyder mess was made during the OBiden era - no wonder they’re friends!"

Snyder didn't endorse Republican Donald Trump in 2016.

The former governor announced his support for Biden in a USA Today commentary, writing that "we need to heal our country, and I don’t see Donald Trump doing that, and I see Joe Biden wanting to do that."

The state of Michigan agreed last month to pay $600 million to residents harmed in the Flint water crisis, which began in April 2014, after the city of Flint pulled water from the Flint River for 18 months without treating it to reduce corrosion. The water caused lead contamination from untreated old pipes.

The settlement releases from civil liability all state employees who were subjects of the civil suits, including Snyder.