Feds sued over prison attack that killed sex offender, hurt 2 others

George Hunter
The Detroit News

Detroit — Two federal prison inmates and the estate of a third are suing the government, claiming officials at a Monroe County lockup failed to prevent a 2019 attack on the sex offenders, one of whom was stomped and stabbed to death.

Christian Maire, Michal Figura and Craig Evans were attacked in January 2019 in the East Unit of The Federal Correctional Institution, Milan. Maire was stomped and stabbed repeatedly with a shank before being thrown down a flight of stairs, prosecutors said.

Christian Maire, the mastermind of an international child exploitation ring, was killed in a 2019 attack. His estate, along with two other sex offenders who also were assaulted but survived, filed a lawsuit against the federal government.

Figura and Evans survived the attack, although the lawsuit, which does not specify monetary damages sought, claims they suffered psychological damage.

Alex "Sniper" Castro, 39; Jason "J" Kechego, 38, and Adam "Creeper" Wright, 39, face first-degree premeditated murder charges in connection with Maire's death. A pretrial conference is scheduled for Jan. 28.

"The East Unit at FDC Milan, was known, or should have been known, by defendant (Board of Prisons') agents and employees, as a dangerous place for sex offenders," the six-page lawsuit says. 

Federal Bureau of Prisons spokesman Justin Long declined to comment.

"We do not comment on pending litigation," he said in an email.

Maire and Figura were part of an international child sex exploitation ring that preyed in preteen and teenage girls. Ring members posed as teenage boys and stalked social media websites, luring girls to a private online chatroom and talking them into stripping and performing sex acts in front of the camera.

Maire, whom prosecutors said was the ringleader of the group, was sentenced to 40 years in federal prison, while Figura was sentenced to 31 1/4 years.

Evans was convicted of a child pornography offense. 

The lawsuit claims prison officials ignored a judge's order to avoid placing Maire and Figura with the general population.

"At Christian Maire’s sentencing, this Court, concerned for the safety of Christian Maire and his codefendants, including Michal Figura, ordered that they were not to be placed in general population, but should be placed in a sex offender cadre," the lawsuit says. 

"Knowing of the dangers to sex offenders in the East Unit, and ignoring this Court’s order, agents and employees of the BOP at FDC Milan failed to protect plaintiffs Michal Figura, Craig Evans and decedent Christian Maire due to laziness, hastiness and inattentiveness," the suit says.

The lawsuit further claims prison officials ignored Evans' request for help after he said he'd been threatened.

"After plaintiff, Craig Evans, was housed in the East Unit after his sentencing he expressed concern for his safety to the East Unit counselor ... one of the inmates in the East Unit also threatened ... Craig Evans," the lawsuit said. "Evans’ concerns were ignored."


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