U.S. Rep. Meijer calls on Republicans to 'restore the trust of the voting public'

Ariana Taylor
The Detroit News

U.S. Rep. Peter Meijer, who was one of 10 House Republicans to vote in favor of impeaching President Donald Trump, is now calling on the GOP to "restore trust."

Meijer urged the Republican Party to move away from "deception" politics and to instead put more value on accountability" during an interview broad cast Sunday on ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos". 

"I'm calling on my party to restore trust, to restore the trust of the voting public and to ensure that we never allow the actions that led up to Jan. 6. ... We never allow that outburst of political violence to occur in our name again," said Meijer, who represents the Grand Rapids area in Michigan's 3rd Congressional District.

Rep. Peter Meijer

The recently elected representative said he is buying body armor, changing his daily routines and taking other security measures in response to threats for his decision to vote yes on the article of impeachment charging Trump with “incitement of insurrection” for his part in stoking the violent mob that attacked the U.S. Capitol.

Meijer said the challenge comes when individual concerns, such as Trump's claims of a corrupt election, build up to a collective concern held by many. 

"That is what inspired his followers to come out on Jan. 6, that was the message that he was propagating," the 33-year-old lawmaker said. "But we need to make sure that we move away from a politics of deception. We need to make sure that we have leaders who are telling folks who trust them what they need to hear, not just what they want to hear."

Despite recently saying his impeachment vote may have been "political suicide," Meijer of Grand Rapids Township told The Detroit News this past week he has "absolutely" no regrets. 

"I think it's also important that we have elected leaders who are not thinking solely about what's in their individual self interest, not what is going to be politically expedient, but what we actually need for the country," he said. 

"I want to make sure that we have leaders in office who are focusing on the fact that we are a nation of laws, not men, and are putting the interests of the country first rather than their own political careers."