State police helicopter finds missing Lenawee man in woods, reading book

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

A 23-year-old Lenawee County man, reported Tuesday as endangered and missing, was spotted in the woods by a Michigan State Police helicopter assisting in the search, according to video published Wednesday

About 9 a.m., the Michigan State Police Monroe Post issued an "endangered missing" advisory for the Clinton man, who had walked away from his home. 

Police said he has mental health issues, and had not regularly been taking his medication.

About eight hours later, state police posted a video of when the man was located.

The MSP Aviation Unit put a helicopter, Trooper 2, into the sky to aid in the search. The video shows the helicopter hovering above the woods.

The camera zooms in. Once it pushes past the trees, it goes out of night vision and focuses on a man sitting on a log. He's reading a large book. 

"Hey, trooper two, we have a subject in the woods reading a book," the operator of the helicopter says. "I'm thinking this might be your guy."

Police on the ground say they're "heading that way." 

The helicopter operator then gives instructions on how to find the man. 

"He's only about 20 yards into the woods in front of you," the operator says.

The camera switches back in night vision, and a K-9 officer and a state trooper pass the two tanks the helicopter operator used as a landmark, and approach the man.

"I see him," the trooper on the ground says. 

The night vision then shows several state troopers talking to the man as he sits on the log. 

With the man found, the helicopter takes off for its next destination.