Cold weekend in Detroit could turn to snow on Monday

James David Dickson
The Detroit News

Detroit — Metro Detroit will spend most of this weekend hovering below or near freezing, and conditions indicate the possibility of accumulating snowfall Monday into Tuesday, the National Weather Service said.

Friday's high might reach only about 28 degrees, meteorologist Sara Schultz said Friday. There have been some flurries, but there will be no serious snowfall. Friday's low will be very cold, about 15 degrees overnight.

Saturday will be a similar story: just below the 32 degree freezing point by day, far below it at night. But Saturday will be a dry day.

Sunday will flirt with the freezing point. That morning, there could be up to a half-inch of snow, but "it's not looking to be too impactful," Schultz said.

Southeast Michigan could see snowfall starting later Monday, as a low pressure system is moving up south and west of Michigan, Schultz said. The National Weather Service offers a 50% chance of precipitation, on a day when the high is expected to cross the freezing point again, to about 34 degrees.

But at this point, it is too early to say how much.

According to the NWS website, "data is increasing confidence to see accumulating snow chances in the late

Monday to Tuesday timeframe" in Metro Detroit and areas west and south.

Schultz said snowfall projections are "highly variable, depending on conditions."

Through next Thursday, not a single day is forecast to be 35 degrees or above.