Ice rescue turns foul: Monroe fire department saves fake goose

Jasmin Barmore
The Detroit News

Monroe Township — For the Monroe Township Fire Department, no one gets left behind in the cold — including, apparently, fake geese.

The fire department received a call Tuesday afternoon from the Michigan Department of Natural Resources for a rescue of what appeared to be a duck or goose stuck in the ice on the River Raisin in Waterloo Park. 

Two members of the Monroe Township Fire Department attempt to rescue a trapped goose only to find out it's a decoy.

The fire department flew into action, sending a crew of two along with a standby unit dressed in ice water suits. Once they made it out onto the precarious ice, the would-be rescuers realized there was something foul about the situation: The imperiled Canada goose was a decoy. 

"The 'goose' is safe and resting here at the fire station,” Fire inspector Calvin Schmitt said Tuesday afternoon. “We ended up using the incident as a training session."

The false alarm didn't ruffle any feathers, he said. "We aren’t upset that we went out to try and retrieve it, because what if a citizen went out and tried to rescue it on their own? That could have created two potential hazards."

Two members of the Monroe Township Fire Department rescue a fake goose on the River Raisin.

For now, Schmitt says, the “goose” has become apart of the department's family and the public can plan to see a few memes of it in the near future. 

“The guys are having fun with it."