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Snow days still possible in Flint even if students are home

Associated Press

Flint — Online learning from home doesn’t mean an end to snow days in Flint.

The Flint school superintendent told families this week that she’ll cancel remote classes if too much snow makes roads hazardous, reported.

“Growing up as a student at Flint Community Schools, I remember the excitement I would carry every time a large snow fall was predicted,” Anita Steward wrote. “I would barely sleep a wink, waiting to find out whether school might be canceled. When it was, I would play outside in the snow, building snowmen and carving snow angels in the yard.”

Lemma Shomali, who has two children in Grand Blanc schools, said snow days for good for mental health.

“The pandemic has thought us that kids’ emotional well-being and teachers’ well-being is really, really critical, and snow days are like a part of that emotional well-being,” she said.