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Man threatened to burn down school in Port Huron, police say

The Detroit News

A man was charged with threatening to burn down an elementary school in Port Huron.

The man, 32, from Ohio, called county dispatchers several times Wednesday to threaten to shoot police officers and burn down Cleveland Elementary School.

The man, whose name was not released, was arrested and was being held at the St. Clair County Intervention Center.

After receiving the threat, police went to the school, which went into a soft lockdown while police figured out what was happening. The lockdown ended an hour later when police located the person making the threats.

The man was in a home in the 2700 block of Nern Street in Port Huron to visit a girlfriend he had met online recently, said the police.

When police tried to arrest the man, he tried to flee and fought with officers, who used a taser on him. He gave police several names until officers figured out his identity with a fingerprint scanner.

He was charged with terrorism (using a telecommunication to commit a crime), false report or threat of a bomb, and resisting and obstructing arrest.

The man, who is on parole through Ohio, is being held without bond.

Anyone with information about the threat is asked to call (810) 987-6688