More than 30,000 registrations so far in Flint water deal

Associated Press

Flint – More than 30,000 registration forms have been received from people who want to participate in a $641 million Flint water lawsuit settlement.

The deadline is next Monday.

“The registrations are coming in at a pretty brisk pace but timing matters so I just want to repeat that deadline,” U.S. District Judge Judith Levy said Wednesday during a status conference that was livestreamed on Zoom.

Special Master Deborah Greenspan reported 33,341 registration forms were received as of Monday.

Flint, the state of Michigan, a hospital and an engineering firm agreed to settle a lawsuit filed on behalf of Flint-area residents who were exposed to lead-contaminated water or died from Legionnaires’ disease.

The settlement covers people who claim injury, property damage or business loss from exposure to the water. The state is paying $600 million. Fees for lawyers, however, could take up to $200 million or more from the $641 million agreement.

Payments will vary depending on a claimant’s exposure and injury. Children are supposed to get 80% of the settlement. The judge has given the deal preliminary approval but final approval is months away.

There is information about registering at

Managers appointed by then-Gov. Rick Snyder switched Flint’s water source to the Flint River in 2014 while a pipeline was being built from Lake Huron. Lead leached off old pipes because the water wasn’t treated to reduce corrosion.