Detroit's Gmac Cash debuts new rap: 'Go To College'

Kim Kozlowski
The Detroit News

Detroit rapper Gmac Cash has rapped about the coronavirus and Gov. Gretchen Whitmer, popularizing one of her monikers, Big Gretch.

On Thursday, Cash tackled a new topic when he debuted a rap song encouraging students to go to college.

"Today ima give u some reasons why you should go to college, so u can be prepared for life and have better knowledge," Cash's song, "Go To College," begins. "So u can learn that it take time and a lot of patience. And most importantly just to further your education with a degree."

Detroit rapper Gmac Cash.

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Cash, whose real name is Gerald Allen, wrote the song for a Thursday webinar hosted by The Detroit News to discuss the challenges and successes of graduating Detroit youth from college.

The discussion was centered on a project published by The Detroit News highlighting the Detroit Promise Path, which gives Detroit high school graduates free college tuition, a coach and a stipend in an effort to help them earn a degree or professional certificate. The project was supported financially by the Education Writers Association.

The Detroit Regional Chamber, which administers the Detroit Promise, said it won't be the last time Cash's song will be heard.

Greg Handel, the chamber's vice president for education and talent, called it "The new Detroit Promise anthem!"

Special guests during the webinar included Martha Kanter, former U.S. Undersecretary of Education who is now CEO of College Promise, a national organization working to expand free college tuition. Kanter introduced Cash.

"College ain't easy but I bet you have a lot of fun," Cash rapped. "A lot of people don't go. But you can be the one."