Man missing after wave sweeps him off pier in SW Michigan


St. Joseph, Mich. – A man is missing after a large wave swept him off a pier in southwestern Michigan, authorities say.

Two men were on the pier at Silver Beach in St. Joseph when the wave swept both of them into Lake Michigan around 5:30 p.m. Sunday, police said.

One of the two was able to get back up safely on the pier and tossed a life ring to his friend still in the water, said Steve Neubecker, director of the St. Joseph Public Safety Department.

“Friend grabbed on momentarily, he was about 70 yards off the pier, he was able to pull him about 20 yards when he lost grip and went underneath the water,” Neubecker told WSBT-TV.

Police have been unable to find the man as of Monday morning.

The victim’s name has not been release by police. Both men were from the area and were in their late 20s.