Easter card laced with fentanyl mailed to Monroe County inmate, officials say

Mark Hicks
The Detroit News

Last weekend, Monroe County Sheriff's Office found an unusual Easter card addressed to an inmate.

The colorful, handmade piece that arrived Saturday was scanned using a "VeroVision Mail Screener," which the Sheriff's Office has used since 2019 to review inmates' incoming mail for illegal and controlled substances, authorities said in a release.

A device detected acetyl fentanyl in a homemade Easter card sent to an inmate.

The device can detect more than 150 substances. During a scan Saturday of the Easter card, a Corrections officer noted it detected the narcotic acetyl fentanyl embedded inside, the Sheriff's Office said Monday.

"The matter is under further investigation with the anticipation of seeking charges against the individual who mailed the correspondence," the office said.