Beans sign, a Saginaw landmark for decades, is coming down

Saginaw News

Saginaw – After decades above Saginaw, a landmark sign is coming down.

The sign spells B-E-A-N-S with a rabbit behind it. It’s been dark since 2009 when a storm knocked out the neon lights, said Thomas Mudd, founder of the Saginaw Valley Historic Preservation Society.

The Michigan Bean Company sign is coming down.

“People always associated the sign with coming home. It always had that feeling of coming home late at night in the car as a child,” Mudd told The Saginaw News.

The building was a grain elevator but later became associated with Michigan Bean Company and its Jack Rabbit beans. The Saginaw school district is turning the property into a site for high school sports.

“I understand the bean elevator and that sign holds a historical significance to the city,” said Superintendent Ramont Roberts, who would like to preserve the sign.

Mudd said it won’t be easy to find a new home. The sign would need a tall building, new lights and regular maintenance.

“It’s very easy for people to say save the sign until they see everything they would have to do to save the sign,” Mudd said.