'90 Day Fiance' participant defends comments against Nessel threat

Beth LeBlanc
The Detroit News

A reality television show participant threatened with litigation or an investigation by Michigan Attorney General Dana Nessel denies drawing a link between a health injection and protection against COVID-19. 

In a Wednesday post on her Instagram page, Stephanie Davison didn't mention Nessel's notice directly but challenged her followers to prove she said "what is being spread." 

The post includes a photo of Davison, a participant in the most recent season of TLC's "90 Day Fiancé," looking into a mirror. 

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who has the TRUTHFUL story every time, after all? Meeeeeeee!" wrote Davison, who owns Skin Envy, a non-surgical weight loss center in Grand Rapids. 

Nessel sent a notice of intended action Monday to Davison, warning her that she would have to retract statements she is alleged to have made on a West Michigan lifestyle show or face civil action or a formal investigation. 

In replies to followers, Davison addressed Nessel's allegations more directly. 

"I stated I have a boosted immune system," Davison wrote. "I have never promoted my shots are a cure for anything. I said I was thankful I’ve been vaccinated so I don’t have to worry about getting it now."

Nessel's office said Thursday that Davison reached out to the Attorney General's office this week without a lawyer and is engaged in negotiations with the department. 

"It is our policy to not disclose the contents of such discussions," said Lynsey Mukomel, a spokeswoman for Nessel's office. "Ms. Davison should be warned, however, that any public statements she may make that are inconsistent with what she tells us will jeopardize those negotiations."

Stephanie Davison is pictured in a screenshot of an April 17 video posted to her Instagram page.

A woman listed as a contact for Davison on her social media page could not immediately be reached for comment. A woman who answered the phone at Skin Envy said Davison declined to comment.

Nessel's notice alleges Davison told viewers that Skin Envy's ipamorelin/sermorelin injection boosted the immune system and prevented COVID-19. 

According to the Monday notice, Davison told WOOD TV's Eight West program that all of her friends got COVID-19, but she never did. 

"So, I'm thankful and now I've been vaccinated so I will not get it ever now," Davison said, according to Nessel's complaint. "So I'm so grateful and I've had people tell me in the medical field that it is probably due to the ipamorelin/sermorelin."

Nessel asked Davison in the Monday notice to make a public retraction within 10 days, stop claiming the injection prevents COVID-19 and discontinue the use of video repeating the claim. If Davison fails to comply with Nessel's requirements, she'll face either a civil lawsuit or formal investigation, according to the notice. 

Davison participated in Season 8 of TLC's "90 Day Fiancé," which pairs international partners with American men and women. The couples have 90 days to wed and secure a visa or break up and the foreign partner has to return home.