More than 400 acres burn as forest fire blazes in Greenwood Township

Amelia Benavides-Colón
The Detroit News

More than 400 acres of land had burned by Wednesday evening as a forest fire continued to burn after it began Tuesday in Greenwood Township.

The cause of the fire was unknown, said Kerry Wieber, a Michigan Department of Natural Resources spokeswoman.

Through midday Wednesday, 425 acres had burned; crews continued working to contain the blaze, Wieber said.

Michigan Department of Natural Resources bulldozers from the Manton station cut a fire break around a fire in Wexford County's Greenwood Township that burned more than 400 acres through Wednesday.

The DNR Forestry Division, the U.S Forest Service and 15 volunteer fire departments worked to set up a perimeter to contain the blaze, she said.

The DNR Forestry Division had contained about 70% of the fire by Wednesday afternoon, Wieber said.

Wieber said the Forest Service helped Tuesday with four fixed-wing planes and a helicopter that dispersed 42,000 gallons of water.

76 homes were evacuated, though no structural damage has been reported and homeowners were able to return Tuesday night. The homes, On Tuesday, 76 homes from 31 to 33 roads and 12 1/2 to 8 roads were asked to evacuate as high winds and temperatures pushed the fire northeast toward the Manistee River.

A USDA Forest Service Air Transfer 802F "Fie Boss' aircraft prepares to drop 820 gallons of water on a fire in Wexford County's Greenwood Township that burned 400 acres Tuesday, May 25, 2021. Several of the modified crop dusters are stationed this spring in Gaylord, and can be in the air in five minutes to assist a fire scene. The aircraft can remain airborne up to three hours allowing them to drop 14,000 gallons of water in 20 loads.

Surrounding roads acted as fire breaks along with the aerial water drops. No homes were lost and no injuries were reported.