5 tornadoes touched down in Michigan during Saturday storms

The Detroit News

Five tornadoes have been confirmed to have hit Michigan on Saturday as stormy weather stretched across the state, according to the National Weather Service.

One of the twisters rocked the state's Thumb region, a second was spotted in Clare County, two touched down in Ionia County and the fifth struck Mecosta County, according to the agency.

In northern Huron County: Located in Michigan's Thumb, an EF-2 tornado touched down north of the intersection between Port Crescent Road and Sand Road about 4 miles southwest of Port Austin.

It began at about 5:50 p.m. and ended at 6 p.m., the weather service confirmed Sunday. The twister had peak winds estimated at 120 mph with a 6.9 mile path and maximum width of 400 yards. No fatalities were reported, but there were 6 injured.

In Clare County: An EF-0 touched down at 5:09 p.m. about 3 miles northeast of the city of Clare. It had winds of about 85 mph and traveled a path about 3.6 miles long, said the agency's Grand Rapids office. Damage included a partly caved-in barn and snapped tree limbs, and a house attachment or garage-like structure on cinderblocks was destroyed.

In Ionia County: Two tornadoes struck, one with 90 mph winds and the other with 75 mph gusts, according to the weather service.

The stronger tornado, an EF-1, touched down at about 4:42 p.m. two miles north of Lake Odessa. It tore off half of the roof of one home, damaged the vinyl siding of another and snapped dozens of trees in half and knocked down some utility poles as it traveled a 4.5 mile path.

The other, an EF-0, touched down at about 4:31 p.m. one mile east and northeast of Freeport. Its path length was about one mile, damaging the tops of barns and silos along Vedder east of Hastings Road, the weather service said.

In Mecosta County: An EF-1 tornado, touched down at about 3:30 p.m. one mile southwest of Sylvester. Its path was about three miles and it damaged a couple of barns and snapped a few utility poles.