Grand Rapids man convicted in attack on conservation officer

Associated Press

Baldwin –A Grand Rapids man has been convicted of kicking a state conservation officer in the head during an escape attempt after the officer arrested him following a northern Michigan car crash.

A Lake County jury convicted Devinci Osiris Dumas, 21, on Friday of assault in the March attack, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources said in a statement.

DNR officials said Conservation Officer Josiah Killingbeck was attacked after he responded on March 20 to a report of a vehicle that had gone into a swamp near the Lake County village of Luther.

Killingbeck arrived to find Dumas and a woman at the scene and a vehicle about 150 feet off the roadway. The officer allegedly found open intoxicants in that vehicle and placed Dumas under arrest for the open intoxicants but also for allegedly giving false information to a peace officer.

He placed a handcuffed Dumas in the front passenger seat of his passenger truck and put the seat belt around him, but as Killingbeck was driving, Dumas managed to get the seat belt off, turned himself sideways and began kicking Killingbeck.

Two passersby came to the officer’s aid and helped restrain Dumas. Killingbeck was taken to a hospital for evaluation and released.