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West Michigan lawmaker gets 15 days in jail on drunken driving offense

Beth LeBlanc
The Detroit News

State Rep. Bryan Posthumus will spend 15 days in jail after pleading guilty Friday in an April drunken driving incident. 

Kent County District Judge Jeffrey O’Hara sentenced the Cannon Township Republican to the 15-days in jail, 15 days of community service and two years of probation, according to court records. He started his sentence after Friday's hearing.

The first-term lawmaker also was ordered to pay about $1,820 in fines and costs and surrender his license for 30 days. 

Posthumus plans to pay the state an amount equal to 15 days pay for the time he's in jail, according to Steve Mitchell, a spokesman for Posthumus. 

State Rep. Bryan Posthumus

Posthumus apologized in a May 1 statement shortly after his arrest. He acknowledged that he was drunk when his Jeep went off the road, hit a mailbox and rolled on April 30 in Ada Township. 

His blood alcohol test at the jail was 0.13, over the state blood alcohol limit of 0.08. He’d been arrested eight years prior for another operating while intoxicated offense. 

Posthumus said in his May statement that he had a “drinking problem” and planned to begin participating in Alcoholics Anonymous.

In a statement Friday, Posthumus said he remained thankful that he'd injured no one in his April 30 crash and said the incident was the "wake-up call I needed to make serious changes in my life. 

"I continue to take full and complete responsibility for my actions, and humbly accept the court’s decision," Posthumus said. "As I move forward, I will continue to work to regain the trust, respect, and support of my loved ones, colleagues, and the people who put their faith in me to represent them." 

Posthumus is a hops farmer and vice president of business development for USA Financial, according to his House website. He is the son of former Lt. Gov. Dick Posthumus and the brother of Kent County Clerk Lisa Posthumus Lyons.