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Michigan GOP campaigns outraise legislative Democrats in second quarter

Beth LeBlanc
The Detroit News

House and Senate Republicans outraised their Democratic counterparts by thousands of dollars in the second quarter of the year as they prepare for 2022 election fights in newly drawn voting districts. 

It's not unusual for a majority party to outraise the party in the minority as they seek to hold onto their edge in the House and Senate. Republicans have a 58-52 majority in the House and the GOP has a 20-16 majority in the Senate with two vacancies.

Prominent Michigan business families were among some of the top donors to House and Senate Republicans while union support made up some of the larger contributions to House and Senate Democrats. 

Michigan State Rep. Jason Wentworth, R-Farwell

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Among the largest donors to House Republicans were members the Cotton family, which formerly ran Meridian Health and contributed $123,000; and the Nicholson family of PVS Chemicals, which contributed about $50,000. 

Nicholson also pitched in $20,000 to the Senate GOP. Detroit-area businessman Matthew Moroun contributed nearly $42,000 to the fund and the Boji family, of the development and real estate firm Boji Group, contributed $50,000. 

“We have seen incredible success over the past 10 years of Republican victories, and those victories have turned into real, tangible policy wins for the people we serve," said House Speaker Jason Wentworth, R-Farwell. "But there is no such thing as good enough. We are going to continue to push our lead and work even harder to earn the trust of the people we serve for another term.”

The House Republican Campaign Committee reported raising $572,911 between April 21 and July 20, bringing its cash-on-hand total to $1.78 million. 

The House Democratic Fund raised $511,889 during the same period. The committee has about $898,295 on hand. 

Rep. Joe Tate, D-Detroit

“We have received enormous support from across the state, including our members, grassroots donors, and community leaders,” said Rep. Joe Tate, a Detroit Democrat who serves as the fund's campaign finance chair. “It was a team effort and indicative of why we are going to flip the House: Because we are united as a caucus and a party.”

The Senate Republican Campaign Committee reported raising $705,210 in the second quarter and the committee has about $4.05 million on hand. 

The Senate Democratic Fund raised about $304,604 in the second quarter and has $1.05 million on hand. 

“In 2022, we’re not leaving anything to chance,” said Sen. Sylvia Santana, the Detroit Democrat who serves as the fund's finance co-chair. “With the end of partisan gerrymandering and a new redistricting commission, we stand the best chance of reclaiming the majority.”

The Service Employees International Union Michigan State Council contributed nearly $42,000 to House Democrats while the Michigan Laborers Political League contributed $20,000 and the Michigan Education Association PAC contributed nearly $22,000. 

The MEA contributed the same amount to Senate Democrats. Michigan Realtors gave $19,000 and the Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters contributed $10,000.