Pittsburgh police try to ID fans in fight caught on video at Steeler-Lions game

The Detroit News

A melee broke out at a Steelers-Lions preseason game in Pittsburgh on Saturday, and now police are trying to identify the people involved.

It's unclear who the fans in the video were rooting for during the game. A tweet posted by Sir.Derrick Ohato shows some people in black jerseys rushing to break up the fight in the stands between a man in a white T-shirt and a woman in a white, sleeveless T-shirt.

In the video, someone swears, and a woman is seen getting close to the man in the white T-shirt and swinging her right arm at him; punches and shoving followed, along with screaming and shouting by other fans in the stand.

A man sitting next to the woman joins the scuffle before others attempt to keep the combatants apart.

Someone is heard on the video saying, "She slapped him; she slapped him in his face."

Pittsburgh police are investigating, according to triblive.com. Police are asking the public to help identify the people involved in the fight.