3 kid brothers form lawn care service in Saginaw over summer

Heather Jordan
The Saginaw News

Saginaw — Over summer break, a stretch of time kids often spend sleeping in and playing, three Saginaw brothers, ages 12, 10 and 9, started a lawn care business, developed a reputation and earned dozens of regular customers.

Now, with summer coming to a close, the boys behind 3 Amigos Lawncare Service plan to offer all-season services.

“I’m very proud of them,” said their mom, Terri Reed. “They’re some hard working young boys.”

Reed said her eldest son, Marcus McBride, first came up with the idea for a lawn care company a couple months ago, The Saginaw News reports.

Marcus McBride, 12, Travell McBride, 10, and Marcelino McBride, 9, have started a business cutting lawns in Saginaw.

“Marcus told me that he wanted to start his own business doing lawn care work,” she said. “So, the following day, I got up and I purchased all their equipment and their work clothes.”

Reed said her 12-year-old son didn’t have any lawn care experience at the time, but he had a vision and “he likes to work.”

With some help from their mom, Marcus, Travell and Marcelino McBride launched 3 Amigos Lawncare Service. Throughout the summer they have offered mowing, weed whacking, edging, trimming, bagging and clean up. Pricing varies depending on services rendered and yard size.

“It’s going great. I didn’t expect them to be as busy as they are. It’s been crazy,” Reed said, noting that her sons have about 40 regular customers and some commercial properties in their rotation.

With the summer season winding down, the boys have plans to offer leaf and snow removal services this fall and winter.

“They’re actually planning on offering year-round services,” Reed said.

Reed, who owns rental properties, said her sons are investing some of their earnings into property in Saginaw.

“They are enjoying it,” she said of the business. “They have their weekly pay days and everything else goes into their business accounts.”